Hello there, My name is Kayelynn Bastian, I have spent the last 10 years searching, seeking and finding a healthy lifestyle, with many platforms. I love to help others as they journey through healthy, happy, active lives. I believe in taking an approach to health that considers the whole person, not just isolated symptoms, and works at the root of imbalances. When you are under stress, not sleeping well, and making food choices that may not be the best, the door is thrown open for our bodies and lives to become out of balance, which can cause real pain and suffering. Amare is the next step in this journey for myself and you. It is a way to not only help rebalance our bodies to a state of optimal health and wellness but also empower us to take control of our own health. I invite you to transform your mental wellness with Amare global's unique and science-based products. Help make a difference by serving others, by sharing the Amare products and platform. please feel free to contact me, Kayelynn Bastian 801-726-7007

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